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Jun 10, 2018 09:31 pm

Molecular Pathogenesis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Molecular pathogenesis of HCC is a complicated subject. Trying to simplify the topic in this presentation

A lot of changes happened in the understanding of HCC. We have three drugs in the indian market for HCC, more are likely to be available in near future. This presentation tries to simplify the understanding of HCC pathogenesis for medicos.

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Dr. Manav Wadhawan is one of the leading Hepatologists in the country. He heads the Hepatology division at BLK group of Hospitals. He has been previously instrumental in establishing a very successful Liver Transplant program in Indraprastha Apollo & Fortis Escorts Hospital.

Dr Manav Wadhawan has been promoting free education & research in liver disease through an NGO called SPARE LIVER TRUST

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