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Jul 20, 2016 11:22 am

7 tips to prevent liver disease

With changing lifestyle, there’s been a sharp rise in liver diseases. Alcohol and obesity are the most common causes of chronic liver disease in India closely followed by Hepatitis B & C. In addition, water borne hepatitis viruses A & E contribute to acute liver failure. You can prevent liver disease by following a few simple tips. Dr Manav Wadhawan, senior consultant, Fortis Escorts Liver & Digestive Diseases Institute tells us how.

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Dr. Manav Wadhawan is one of the leading Hepatologists in the country. He heads the Hepatology division at BLK group of Hospitals. He has been previously instrumental in establishing a very successful Liver Transplant program in Indraprastha Apollo & Fortis Escorts Hospital.

Dr Manav Wadhawan has been promoting free education & research in liver disease through an NGO called SPARE LIVER TRUST

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