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Acute Liver Failure Unit

Medical Management & Liver Transplant

Acute Liver Failure is a life threatening emergency which require ICU management.

Acute liver failure (ALF) is a catastrophic illness in which a person with normal liver goes into liver failure within a short span of 2-4 weeks.

It is usually due to acute hepatitis (Hepatitis B, E or A virus).

Contrary to popular belief, more than half of the patients with ALF can be saved without transplant if managed in a well-equipped unit. The primary goal in management of ALF is prevention of infection.

Patients who are less likely to improve on medical management require a Liver Transplant. These patients, if identified early can be saved with a timely liver transplant.


Our strengths

·      Separate Acute Liver Failure Unit

·      Dedicated medical & paramedical staff, well trained in handling ALF patients

·      Liver Dialysis

·      Isolation of ALF patients from other liver disease patients (to prevent cross infection)

·      With state of the art medical care, we are able to save more than half of all ALF patients without transplant.

·      Timely decision of liver transplant

·      Rapid evaluation within 24-48 hours for those who require transplant

·      More than 90% success rate of transplant in ALF


Dr. Manav Wadhawan is one of the leading Hepatologists in the country. He heads the Hepatology division at BLK group of Hospitals. He has been previously instrumental in establishing a very successful Liver Transplant program in Indraprastha Apollo & Fortis Escorts Hospital.

Dr Manav Wadhawan has been promoting free education & research in liver disease through an NGO called SPARE LIVER TRUST

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